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Why cleaning the air conditioning filter is important?

Usually, some users think that the idea of ​​having and enjoying a new air conditioning installation begins and ends with the supply and installation of the equipment. However, this installation, as if it were your own car, needs regular checks to ensure its proper functioning and prevent future problems from appearing. A very illustrative example of this problem can be clearly seen in the filters of the indoor units or splits. The picture that appears in this blog message is made by our technicians, and in it you can see the state of the filters if some maintenance is not applied to the machines. If the air conditioning filter is not cleaned, it can harm your health and may cause failures in the future.

As a rule, an annual maintenance intervention is more than enough for you to have the entire air conditioning installation in good condition. An annual maintenance intervention. A preventive service that can save you money and future headaches.

Hold on to the saying: Better safe than sorry!



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