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Considering having your Air-Ducts Cleaned?

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at +34 677-382-067


 Whether you’re constructing your new family home, adding a new room, or remodeling an outdated structure, the AC & heating ductwork is an important, but challenging step. We offer the best design & install ductwork in Majorca.


While many property owners do not feel necessary to have their air ducts cleaned, our services can prove otherwise. We begin every service with a thorough inspection of your entire duct system to determine what condition it’s in, its estimated lifespan, and what problems need to be addressed. We even document our work with before-and-after photos to show the results that our exclusive cleaning practices create.
"If you’re struggling with allergies in your home or at work, it is most likely due to your duct-ventilation system. Poor indoor air quality is a much bigger issue than many property owners realize, which is why it’s so important to schedule routine air duct cleaning services in Majorca. At Maxiclima, we have everything you need to ensure your indoor air quality levels stay high.".
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