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Air Conditioning Problems?

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Whether you’re building a new home or updating an existing residence, it’s a great opportunity to design your ideal Air Conditioning system. Our comfort specialists will work with you to select a model that’s sized for your building and budget. 
When we install your new A/C system, our A/C specialists will use manufacturer-recommended methods to help your new equipment perform more efficiently. Each new air conditioner that we install is protected by 2 years warranty. No exceptions.




A/C repairs.

If your air conditioner has difficulty starting, shuts off unexpectedly or won’t run at all, it's mandatory to have a specialist inspects it before the problem worsens. A thorough checkup of the Air conditioning system can reveal issues that are impacting the efficiency as well as your comfort.
To perform optimally, your air conditioner needs precise amounts of electricity and enough refrigerant to pressurize the system. Additionally, the components must be appropriately calibrated to ensure that they perform the right function at the right time. Maxicima's specialists repair all types of cooling issues, including the following:
  • Faulty switches.
  • Defective capacitors.
  • Thermostat malfunctions.
  • Loose wiring connections.
  • Refrigerant leaks.
  • Electrical faults.
  • Others.



On hot-summer days in Majorca, nothing is better than stepping inside your cool, comfortable air-conditioned home. To ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted performance all summer, we offer scheduled tune-up services through a PMA (Priority Maintenance Agreement). Our air conditioning maintenance service covers all of the components from the compressor, moving parts, the electronic controls, and A/C cleanings (disinfections).

"If you’re ready to schedule an appointment or you’d like to learn more about our Air Conditioning services, call us now. We build long-lasting relationships with our customers because your comfort is our commitment".

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