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SOIB and Maxiclima: working together

Since 2019, Maxiclima had the privilege of working in the preventive and corrective maintenance service of the air conditioning equipment of the SOIB offices; a public entity dependent on the autonomous community of the Balearic Islands and dedicated to promoting employment among the unemployed population. A year of hard work in which installation problems that existed years ago have been resolved.

Air conditioners that did not work, lack of power in cold and heat in some machines, or deficiencies in the construction of some facilities are already completely resolved problems. We know the large number of people who visit these offices every day and the continuous hustle and bustle to which public workers are subjected during their workday. Therefore, we have tried to improve the conditions of the facility for greater comfort for both, citizens and workers. We have left the facilities in better condition than we were when we first arrived. In short, another satisfied customer who already knows the committed service Maxiclima offers.



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