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Protect yourself from the coronavirus by using your air conditioning

How does ultraviolet light work in air conditioning unit?

Until recently, indoor air conditioning units (duct machines, fan-coils or wall splits) that use UV light were either anecdotal or very rare on the market. The fact that ultraviolet light eliminated viruses and bacteria was not a feature that was highly demanded by customers in Mallorca.

With the arrival of the coronavirus, the demand for this type of product has grown considerably. It is reasonable that this has happened like this. Some information suggests that the use of air conditioning in a closed space and without adequate ventilation conditions, can trigger a massive contagion. With the advent of new air conditioning units with ultraviolet light system into the device, this problem can be easily solved.

Replace the entire air conditioning installation only due to COVID-19? It's crazy! Indeed, many people will think this way, since this solution can be excessively expensive. However, from Maxiclima we can offer an alternative solution, consisting of adapting your current air conditioning units so that they have ultraviolet light. A simple installation that saves time and also money.

Do not hesitate to contact us to request information on this aspect without any commitment. We will be delighted to help you!

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