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Problems with your boiler, underfloor heating or radiators? Let us advice you.

With the arrival of winter in Mallorca, the boiler, radiators or underfloor heating become essential elements to keep our homes warm. From Maxiclima we want to give you the following tips so that you keep your heating in good condition. With these simple tricks you can escape from the occasional call to technical service in the future.

1. Monitor the boiler pressure: the boiler indicator should read between 1 and 1.5 bar. If the value is lower, it is possible that there is a lack of water in the heating circuit and more must be poured. Low pressure, as can be deduced, could also be an indication that the heating installation has a leak.

2. Control the temperature in the home: an ambient temperature of 23-21ºC during the day and 21-19ºC at night is what we should maintain with our boiler running.

3. Check the control unit: since this control unit regulates the heating system on and off (either by having reached a set temperature or by having programmed operating hours). An easy test to perform is to raise the room temperature on the control unit and check if the boiler starts up. Once the thermostat is disconnected, check if the boiler also turns off. If it does not work, it is advisable to check the batteries, since they may only need to be replaced (yes, at Maxiclima we have attended notices for this reason).

4. Radiators and underfloor heating: open only the radiators you need and, in the case of underfloor heating, open the necessary circuit lines. After all, isn't it absurd to heat the whole house if we spend the whole afternoon in the lounge? From time to time it is necessary to make sure that the circuits and radiators are well bled, check that the valves open/close properly, as well as check for leaks or drips. Annual maintenance with the technical service is enough to prevent further problems.

5. Improve the insulation of your home: opting for models of doors and windows that better insulate from the outside temperature (such as Climalit), and sealing any possible cracks that may appear with a specific product. Rugs, curtains, and other fabric items help retain heat in the home, as well as easily absorb sunlight.

We hope that you found these tips useful to keep your home warm, consuming less energy and taking care and extend the useful life of your heating installation. We remain at your disposal for any questions or requests that may arise.

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