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Heating and Saving in Mallorca: Aerothermal

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

When we decide to choose a new heating system for our home in Mallorca, the number of options available may overwhelm us. Underfloor heating, aerothermal, gas boilers, electric boilers ... On many occasions, it is difficult to choose between such a variety of products. One of the criteria best valued by users is energy saving and consumption. If we start from this idea, the right choice is heat pump air conditioners (those that use aerothermal energy).

These devices convert the thermal energy of the environment into useful heat for our home. They use 1/4 (25%) of electrical energy and 3/4 (75%) of renewable energy (the ambient air itself). In addition, many of these devices have Inverter technology (capable of regulating operation / energy consumption, making them even more efficient).

For this reason, heating a space with aerothermal energy is very efficient in terms of energy consumption. It is 25% cheaper than doing it with a gas boiler, and up to 50% cheaper than doing it with a diesel boiler. As if that were not enough, the heat pump does not emit gases into the atmosphere and is a highly safe and versatile system (cold air in summer and hot air in winter).

However, these systems have three possible limitations to consider.

- A space is needed outside the house to install the outdoor unit (so that it can take in the air from the room).

- During operation, some outdoor units generate noise (although there are very quiet models on the market). Usually these two problems are not presented by a gas boiler (everything must be said).

- As a general rule, a heat pump air conditioner can be slightly more expensive than a boiler, but this investment pays for itself much faster than using any boiler.

For all these reasons, whenever possible, we can only recommend the use of heat pump air conditioning units for heating our homes in Mallorca.

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