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Do you have an unconventional project in mind? Tell us that idea you are yearning for!

Sometimes some of our customers ask us to perform jobs that are far from our daily work. We explain ourselves: projects that have the aim to give personality and exclusivity to the place of the house in which they are installed. There are several examples of these projects that we have carried out so far: from the lighting of some palm trees in a garden to the installation of a refrigerator with motorized rails that is used as a door (and as a refrigerator, of course!).

Installation of lights in palm trees by Maxiclima

In order to always give you the best possible service, at Maxiclima we adapt our services to all kinds of projects, no matter how crazy or strange they may seem. After all, we also have the best team of electrical, engineering and construction professionals.

In short, we want to tell you not to give up on your project. Contact us and explain that wonderful idea to us. At Maxiclima, we will take care of making your dreams come true!

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