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Are you thinking of installing solar panels? We have good news for you

With the application of the law of photovoltaic self-consumption of last year 2019, it has been intended to facilitate the possibility that homes have solar energy installations. A solar energy that, until now, has been very used by vacationers and little used to generate self-consumption energy among residents of Mallorca.

Solar panels installed by Maxiclima technicians

The new legislation has sought to eliminate a large part of the obstacles that anyone found when installing solar panels in their homes in Mallorca. The main changes that have occurred can be divided into five major themes:

1. The spanish “sun tax” is eliminated, a type of tax that, to date, taxed installations that had more than 10KW contracted. Yes, until last year Spain had one of the most ridiculous taxes in all of Europe. Charge for using sunlight.

2. Possibility of selling energy surplus: the new law contemplates two types of self-consumption; with surpluses and without surpluses. If the owner of the installation opts for the formula without surpluses, all the energy generated will be exclusively for his own consumption. In case of opting for the energy option with surpluses (the energy produced and not consumed in the home), these surpluses will become an economic compensation proportional to the excess energy poured into the electrical grid, and this compensation will be deducted from the electric bill in that part of the bill relating to consumption (up to a limit of 0€; in no case will the electricity company pay us for the energy poured into the electrical grid).

3. The possibility of installing solar panels on the roofs of the apartment blocks is allowed, with the prior agreement of the neighborhood community. To approve this measure, the approval of a third of the residents will be necessary, as long as they represent 1/3 of the total fees of the community.

4. The power limit of the generator system is eliminated (which could never be higher than the power contracted by the user with his electric company). The only limit in force now is a question of space: the maximum area allowed by the roof of the house or building.

5. Fewer and easier administrative procedures for self-consumption without surpluses and for powers of less than 15 kW on building land. In these cases, it will not be necessary to obtain access and connection permits and it will be enough to issue a certificate of electrical installation and give notice to the autonomous community and the electricity company. Nor will it be necessary to have a second electric meter (except for collective installations). In addition, the installation of solar panels does not require any masonry work, and therefore, no masonry permit from public administration to install them.



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