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A simple advice to spend less electricty with air conditioning

On these summer dates, there are many scares when the electricity bills arrive home. Among others, one of the main culprits for this huge increase in the electricity bill is our air conditioning. In fact, if its use is not controlled, the bill can increase up to 30%. An increase exclusively caused by inefficient use of the air conditioning system!

Of course, not using the air conditioning and living a summer in Mallorca are clearly incompatible options. The air conditioning units perfectly combat the high temperatures and high humidity levels of the island. Among other functions, they dry out the environment and this helps reduce our thermal sensation. For these reasons, and to try to improve the performance of your air conditioning, from Maxiclima we want to offer you a simple advice to prevent this problem.

It is about closing the doors and windows well. Whether they are doors and windows facing the outside (a fairly widespread custom in many homes), or doors leading to another room in the house (a custom with fewer followers and which is also very interesting).

Close doors and windows to save energy while using the air conditioning (split installed by Maxiclima)

The reason? Air conditioners consume more energy trying to get the room to the desired temperature. Once the room reaches temperature, the electricity consumption of our air conditioner drops significantly. If we leave doors and windows open to the outside, our air conditioner will never reach the desired temperature and will constantly fight against that thermal imbalance that comes from outside the house. On the other hand, if we leave doors open at home, the room will not be isolated from the rest of the house and the effort to acclimatize that our machine will make will be greater, since it will have to cover a longer area.

Although we give you this advice during the summer season, remember that it is equally effective with the arrival of winter!

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